Cabin & Shed Purchasing and Building Questions

How Much Does A Shed Or Building Cost?

Because our buildings are customizable, pricing for sheds, cabins, and more are calculated depending on the options chosen. Please contact your local dealer for more information.


Do You Paint Sheds And Buildings?

On new builds, yes. We do not currently offer painting outside of new builds.

What Payment Options Do You Offer?

We have three payment options for your convenience. We offer cash payment, Rent-To-Own, and financing. Contact your local dealer to review your options.


Can The Colors Match My House?

We have a variety of colors to choose from, or a primed option ready to paint whatever color you desire.

Does It Cost More To Install Accessories?

The cost of installing any accessories is built into the price — no surprise charges


What About Matching Roof, Style, Or Siding?

We have many styles to choose from to match or complement just about any existing structure.

How Much Weight Can My Building Hold?

We tested a garage floor with a 30,000 lb. tractor. That is equal to 1,300 lbs. per square foot!


Can I Purchase Directly Online?

We currently do not offer complete online shopping, however, one of our sales reps will work with you to get 100% of what you need over the phone.

Do You Customize Buildings?

Yes! Make your Shed, Cabin, Garage, Mini Barn, or other building your own by customizing with our shed builder or contacting a local dealer to go over your options.


Where Are Your Dealers Located?

Our dealers are primarily in Ohio and Michigan. With over 30 locations we can deliver our Amish and Mennonite built sheds almost anywhere in the midwest.

What Type Of Building Materials Do You Use?

We pride ourselves on using top-of-the-line LP products.


Do You Have Buildings In Stock To Sell?

You can often find sheds, cabins, barns & other buildings in stock. Please contact a dealer near you. Also, check our FaceBook page for special offers!

Can I Choose The Shingle Color?

Yes, feel free to choose from any of the color options we have. Sign up on our home page to download a catalog.


What Happens After The Purchase Is Complete?

Once you have found the ideal building, customized to your liking, we will deliver it and put it in place. See how our Mule can accurately put your building in place.

What’s The Best Paint For My Floor?

We currently offer a multi-part epoxy floor coating to seal and protect your investment.


Delivery and Setup Questions

How Long For Build And Delivery?

Your dealer receives weekly updates from us and will have information on the current build and delivery times.


Do You Offer Service For My Foundation?

No, but a simple level bed of crushed limestone, concrete pad, or concrete block is all we would need. For additional help, contact your dealer, they may be able to recommend a local contractor to assist you.

Do I Need A Permit For My Building?

Permits for building varies depending on your location. We strongly recommend contacting your local building and permit department for details regarding permits.


Would You Move Or Remove My Old Building?

In some cases, we are able to relocate your current shed to make room for your new building.

Do You Have Insured Installers?

Our on-site installers are bonded and insured to give peace of mind to our customers.


What If My Property Is Fenced In?

That is not a problem, just use our “on-site” building option.

How Should I Prepare For Your Delivery?

Have a clear and open path to your prepared site.


How Will My Installation Be Scheduled?

You should receive a call within 24 hours of completion to schedule your delivery.

What If My Site Is Excessively Sloped?

The site should be level and structurally sound for proper installation.


Do I Need To Be Home For The Installation?

You do not need to be home but we request someone over the age of 18 to be there to instruct the driver and sign off on the delivery.

After Delivery and Installation

What Type Of Warranty Do You Offer?

Most all of the materials we use come with a 30 year or more warranty.


What About Replacement Doors, Windows, Etc.?

We can sell replacement materials when supplies are in stock.

Can My Building Be Moved After Installation?

Yes, simply go to “move my shed” and fill out the moving and contact information on the form.


How Do You Handle Defective Materials?

One simple phone call and your issues will be resolved.

Can I Add More Options After Installation?

Yes, In most instances you will be able to add options to your build with the appropriate charges being assessed.