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Storage Sheds – Metal or Wood?

When it comes to storage sheds or barns there are many great uses for them. There is the typical storage shed that is filled with lawn equipment or the garden shed, or even the more popular and trendy she shed. A shed or barn will add a large amount of storage as well as value to your home. In addition, not only does it add a storage area but you can even add a workspace if needed. The question that comes up often is what type of shed wood or metal is best for you.

Metal Storage Sheds

Metal sheds are usually pre-fabricated and you can purchase a kit. These types of sheds can be rather flimsy if bought in a hardware change but there are better and more durable options out there. Also, metal sheds will not build up moisture and are low-maintenance. This type of shed is usually a little smaller than its wood counterpart and there are far fewer customizable options. Because metal is lighter than wood, they need to be anchored as well.

The cheaper metal sheds have been known to collapse from the weight of snow during the winter months. Of course, this type of shed is also going to rust over time.

Wood Storage Sheds

The traditional woodshed is the most popular type of shed. When it comes to looks and customizing the woodshed is the best. It is relatively easy to match your home with different siding choices for your woodshed. In addition, the shingles of the roof may also be matched to the ones on your house. When it comes to a wood barn or storage shed, they are heavy enough that they do not need to be anchored to the ground.

Unlike a metal shed, a woodshed will not rust. But there is some maintenance needed to maintain your shed. You may need to decide between double-wide or double-story.

Buying Sheds or Barns

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