Sheds For Sale

When it comes to sheds for sale,  we often get asked; “What type of material should we use to build our shed?” From the beginning, one of our primary considerations is how our customers will be able to best put their shed to use. In there lies the crux of the matter, however, what is most important in one situation isn’t in another. For example, if you have a wood cabin, and are concerned about aesthetics, you might want to match them and buy a wood-based shed that closely matches. Invariably, there are other concerns, but how your shed looks are the reason Lakeside custom-built sheds are so popular.

Some major considerations:

  • How you want your shed to look
  • The cost to custom build a shed
  • Where you want to put your shed
  • What you are going to store in your shed

Talking to an experienced company representative will certainly help you discern which choice you will make. Visit our FAQ page for more helpful insight on our shed-building products and process.

Metal Shedsmetal storage sheds for sale

Strictly speaking, our Metal Midwest is about the closest we get to basic metal storage sheds. Strong, secure, and built with recyclable steel, it will last for years. It doesn’t end there however, metal sheds come in many shapes and sizes. Our Mini Barn and metal garden shed with double doors for example. You can also choose a variety of *colors which will not only enhance the appearance but offer superior protection. Metal storage sheds are lighter and more susceptible to inclement weather and high winds. They need to be anchored as a result. Conversely, if cost is a primary consideration, a quality-made metal shed may be your best choice.

Sheds Made With Wood.

Saying “wood sheds” is a bit of a misnomer for us. The variety and styles of our buildings will probably make your choice simpler believe it or not. More than the aesthetics, the purpose will probably be the major influencer for choosing one of our custom-built sheds. Building with wood is more expensive (especially right now), but it certainly has its advantages.

Heavy and sturdy, our wood-based sheds for sale in Northern Michigan will withstand much higher winds for example.

Custom Built Sheds For Sale

Finally, with metal roofs, aluminum windows and vinyl siding, and a variety of trim choices, you have the advantages of all materials. Our dealers have custom built sheds for sale throughout Ohio and Michigan (with more midwest locations being added). Our shed builder will help you customize any of our buildings and make your choice of materials, accessories, and styles even easier. Please don’t hesitate to give one of our experts a call with any questions.

*MS Colorfast45 uses a combination of select inorganic and ceramic pigments for coloring. These pigments offer years of exceptional performance in harsh weather and resist color change, acids, alkalis, and oxidizing agents found in harsh environment