Double-Wide or Double-Story Which is Best For You?

A double-wide shed or cottage or a double-story building can hard to decide between.  Here at Lakeside Cabins and Sheds, we carry a variety of options when it comes to sizes and we try to help you determine exactly what you need. In addition to sheds, we also carry cottages and cabins. Depending on what you are looking for, we have the building for you.

Double-Story Rochester

As pictures above, our double-story Rochester shed is a spacious shed great for storing or even enjoying a nice night on the porch. This beautiful shed has a porch with an overhang which makes a great area to rest and enjoy the outdoors. The Rochester is part of our Premier Collection. This particular shed features a metal roof, wall studs 16″ on center, and 8×16 aluminum vents. Also, it includes a 50 year LP-treated trim with cedar grain that will last you for years.

In addition to the base features, there are many customizable options as well. There are over 20 door styles to choose from and 11 window styles to pick from. Also, you can choose accessories such as weathervanes, and you can choose your shingles. A double-story shed is a great area for storage, many like to store seasonal items on the upper floor while storing everyday items on the lower. The options are endless.

Double-Wide Cottage

Double-Wide Cottage

Do you own a vacation property you would like a cabin or cottage on? Lakeside’s double-wide cottage is perfect for any property. Many Michigan residents own property in the northern areas used for vacationing or hunting. This cottage makes the perfect hunting camp or fishing camp for any outdoor aficionado. Built with a log cabin feel, it makes camping a great experience.

Also, as part of the Premier Collection, some of the features include 16″ wall studs, metal roof, choice of the door trim, and 8″ gable overhang.  The picture above shows rustic cedar-stained siding and trim, a metal roof, a 4′ gable porch, and a single door with standard trim.

Double-Wide or Double-Story

No matter if you choose a double-wide cottage or a double-story shed, you cannot go wrong. At Lakeside Cabins and Sheds, we offer quality sheds, cottages, and cabins at reasonable prices. Finally, locate one of our great dealers today to order your next great shed!